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Angry 700r4 Slipping on downshift

So I've built my truck knowing full well the trans toast, I finally got the truck semi where it needs to be about two months ago. I End up with a trans off Craigslist (First Mistake). They guy seemed trustworthy and told me he would refund my money or give be another if it didn't work as he owned a scrapyard. Spend a weekend putting it it with a family friend (GM mechanic with/30 yrs experience) added new fluid, tv cable adjusted correctly

Pull it off the hoist and I have all forward gears but no reverse, broken sunshell assuming. Anyways, pulled it back out and have been trying to get in touch with the guy and get no response. With a dune trip upcoming I decide im sick of dealing with this and take my old trans in to get bench rebuild (shift kit, vette servos, new converter etc). Get it in the truck the day before I leave and everything seems as it should. The first hill I climb at the dunes it runs great, everyone after that, as it downshifts rpm's drop and and trans seems to disengage/slip providing no power to the wheels, half hour later its on the trailer for the rest of the weekend.

So after getting two more opinions from well respected people I determine my install was correct as was the TV cable adjustment. Back to the trans shop. I explain my issues, the owner says ok, he'll make it right...ok cool. Almost three weeks later (today) I get it back and have the same exact issue . I also have a new dent in my driverside front quarter panel. Yes my truck is ugly as hell but putting a dent in my truck and expecting me not to notice its like hitting on my girlfriend and expecting me to mind my business.

Any suggestions on what might be causing the issue as my trans shop seems to have no F-ing clue and not to mention is slower than a turtle in carmel.

End rant/novel
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