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I'll add, if that's a gasser the price seems "ok" not awesome. If they are only going to put 4-5,000 miles on it per year I'd suggest storing it inside. Any amount of moisture will reek havoc on the electrical systems, especially if the windsheild seal is bad at all (mine was real bad and in the end literally killed the truck) and there's any moisture in the truck while its sitting.

My truck had 220k or so on it when I sold it. Mine was starting to get crusty from being parked outside and not driven often. With that being a plow truck, i'd be weary of what the salt in parking lots (or his spreader) has done to the underside of the truck.

*edit* Mine was on it's second transmission. I never had a transmission problem.

Even with all of the electrical issues and crap going on with my truck I was lucky that it never left me stranded. Over the 2+ years I owned it, it was always solid on road trips. As the GEM issues got worse it did become a major chore to get it started however.
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