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Default 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. $3000

1997 jeep grand cherokee limited
998xx miles
Remote start
Leather heated seats
Up country suspension

This jeep has been my daily driver for 2 years and has never let me down. I drive about 25-30 miles to work and back everyday. There are absolutely no mechanical problems with it. From what I understand I am the 3rd owner. The first owner was a old man that barely ever drove it. The second owner were friends of my family and owned 2 other cars and a work truck so really didn't drive it much. When I bought it there was paperwork showing that the engine and rear axle were replaced in 2004 with 75kish miles. the guy said he was driving down the highway and it just lost all power and he limped it to the dealer. They said it spun a crank bearing and while they were fixing that they noticed the rear diff was leaking. I guess it leaked all the fluid out, overheated and damaged the housing beyond repair so they put a entire new engine and axle in it. Anyways, i just looked everywhere for that paper and cannot find it. It was a local dealer that did the work (under a extended warranty) so I will call there Monday and see if I can get a record of it. Either way, it runs perfect and I would drive it anywhere. The interior is really clean as so is the underbody. Never offroad, never in mud.

Being that its a 97 it does have a few small cosmetic problems.
There is a small spot of rust starting on the pass side rocker and a little on the bottom of they lift gate.
The driver seat has a small rip where I sat down with a tape measure in my back pocket.
The gas gauge works until it hits 1/4 and then it stops.
The paint is flaking a little on the hood, the side vent things And the front bumper.
The glass section of the lift gate doesn't open.

Before anyone asks I will just tell you that it doesn't get great fuel mileage. I track every tank religiously. I do about 98% city drive and average 12-12.5 mpg with it driving conservatively. A couple weeks ago I took about a 100 mile trip with it to help a friend move. I towed a double axle 3500ish pound trailer empty on the way there and with about 1200 pounds it in on the way back. Then the rest of that tank was city (so about 50/50 city/highway towing) and I got 14.5 out of the tank. So I would say it could get 15-16 empty on the highway if you went a reasonable speed. I have a 2002 wj also and it gets almost spot on the same mileage with a 4.7l.

Now for the price. Kbb says in good condition it's worth 4000. I don't have to sell it, however I have a extra car now and am sick of paying double insurance. I know I'm not going to get that much out of it but I'm not going to give it away either.

So lets say 3600

Really the only trade I'm interested in is a dual sport bike. Either a klr650 or a xr650r plus cash unless its pretty much a new bike.

If you have any questions please let me know. I will try to get some more pictures tomorrow if I get time.

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