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Originally Posted by dbikers View Post
nuthin' but a bunch of fat fukcs on this site!!!!
me a$$hats have motivated me to shed some lbs now.
I stepped on my scale said 293 (it's 8 lbs light, but good to use as reference)..i nearly sh!t my pants. i'm the biggest i've ever been and everything knees, my legs, my back, my front...

in the last 4 yrs i've had 2 back surgeries and broken my pelvis and got a new job.
i leave for work from 6a and get home at 8p pretty much daily, have re-established horrible eating habits (taco bell 3x a week for lunch), wolf down my dinner at 9p, then sit in a recliner for an hour then go to bed....i've picked up 65 lbs in the last 3 yrs...i',m afraid to know my blood pressure and i'm pretty sure my cholesterol level is 100%

but i still ride mx bikes a couple of times a month (mostly trail riding), i like to hunt and fish and i'd like to see my pecker again

i'm down 10# to 283 (or 291, remember my scale is just a reference)
i need ot see 200....i'm gonna do it with the rest of you fat bastards

keep up the good work and i'm gonna try like hell to do the same
Write that down somewhere that you see it everymorning... It will give you the motivation to get your A$$ in gear. Good luck and keep at it - we are all rooting for you.

A month ago I got pissed off because I was so close to hitting 200 lbs and then after a weekend of drinking I put on 5lbs. I had worked too hard to get so close so I gave up Beer for the last month. With a family that owns a Microbrewery and a consulting job where I am entertaining customers every week it was REALLY hard to do. I have now hit my goal that I said I would not drink until I hit - but now that I haven't had it in a month I am not sure if I want to have another one.

Anyways - good luck!
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