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Originally Posted by dreezy View Post
I still haven't ridden one at this point. I wish I could convince one of my friends to buy one so I could try theirs.
I just picked up a 2006 450x a month ago. I haven't had a dirtbike since 1993. I was 30sec’s into my first ride on the Leota trail system that I thought I made a huge mistake. The transition back to dirt from roadracing wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Especially going right into the tight single track stuff. Needless to say I was by far the slowest person in our group that day, until we got out into the double track stuff. I felt a lot more comfortable on the bike in the wider sections and had a blast drifting around corners. I felt like the bike had a ton of power, but it also felt very heavy. Having never really ridden a thumper before and the last time I rode a two-smoker was 20yrs ago the learning curve was steep. I didn’t like the gear shifter it felt too short and the rear brake lever was set too high.

I really enjoyed the low end power, but the thumper didn’t have the pop you get out of the two-smoker. Power was about equal to the R on my X. I have mine “uncorked” which is a set of mods from Honda to bring the power of the X up to the R. The X was defiantly fast on the flat stuff due to the gearing differences in the trans. Overall I liked the bike and felt a lot better on it towards the end of the day than in the beginning.

Not needing to do 70-80mph through the woods I added two teeth to the rear sprocket going from a 13-51 set up to a 13-53. I top out around 65ish now and could be happier with the added torque down low. The bike is much more wheelie happy and helps with the low speed, pop your tire over stuff. Overall with the lower gearing it made the single track stuff way more enjoyable. I added a hammerhead designs +20 offset shifter, adjusted the rear brake lever lower, and the E-Line carbon fiber skid plate. I just spent this past Mon and Tues riding the trail around Houghton Lk back down to Leota and over to St Helen with a buddy on his R. We did two days and about 170 miles of trails with a mix of single and double track stuff and with these mods it made it a whole different bike!

The headlight on the X sucks the big one! So I’m planning on pulling my stator and sending it to baja designs and having it rewound. The stock stator only puts out 35watts so you are screwed if you want to add better lighting. With the rewind you get 150watts. Once that’s done I plan on added my rigid 10” LED bar. With that added night riding would be a blast. I don’t really plan on riding at night, but Mon we spent alittle too much time in the woods and didn’t get back to my cottage until 10pm. Needless to say the X’s headlight is barely brighter than a candle. I would like to correct that.

Overall I’m getting more comfortable on the bike and couldn’t be happier at this point. The only real other plans I have for it is a larger gas tank and Scotts stabilizer. The suspension feels great right now, but I haven’t set the sag yet, so Im guessing it can only get better.

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