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Sweet numbering from Sign-A-Rama. Thanks TJontherox.

We have a few things to wrap up before the race. Somehow the projects are taking longer than expected.

- finish up in tank fuel pump and remote fill
- install and wire pumpers
- install and wire intercomm
- battery box
- finish remote winch control wiring
- reinstall interior
- hi-lift mounting brackets and 4-way mount

JeepM715 is working on the fuel tank sh-tuff. Last night we figured out where to put the remote fill so it doesn't run into the seat belts, spare tire, pumpers, trans cooler, and all the other crap filling in on the jeep. We need a few more pieces of foam in the cell, too.

We a found a home for both pumpers, now just to make a few brackets, bolt them in and wire them up. Hopefully not more than an hour or two of work. Same with the intercomm. Should be nice to breath less dust and be able to talk to one another.

For one reason or another, we've been struggling with how to best put the battery in a box to meet the safety regs. We've had about 10 designs that all end up crappy. Last night around midnight we got started on something that should work out just fine and meet the rules. Again, a few hours and it should be wrapped up.

The winch wiring is just a matter of picking up the right sized terminals and knocking it out. The wire is all where it needs to be, just a lower priority job. Hopefully no more than hour.
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