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Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
IMO I would do a 14b over 10.25 for a few reasons. The first reason would be the extra pinion support. Second would be lockers are cheaper. Last but not least is the ease of setting up the gears in the 14 compared to 10.25.

Imo the only actual advantage there is the pinion support....which isn't a huge deal in a lighter, moderately powered rig like a 6cyl jeep or my Toyota. The gear setup may not be as easy but it's still on the easy side when you compare it to something like a Dana axle. As far as locker cost....depending on your choice there may be no savings and any money you do save is quickly negated by the cost and work of the shave kit / pricier turned gears that are required to get the same clearance.

They are both great decision came down to this: if i built a pimped out shaved 14 bolt and somehow fucked up the housing (cracked it, bent tubes, spun tubes, ect) i was stuck with a bunch of work and possibly money building a new one....if i fukc up mine i pickup a new one for next to nothing and it'sready to work required (to the housing)
At the end of the day you can't really go wrong with either imo
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