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Well I made it! Finished in UNDER my goal of three hours at 2:52:11

The swim was a mini disaster but I still did it in 32 minutes. SO many people, SO much splashing, I didn't actually start "swimming" you know with your head under water, until about 4-500 yards into it.

Bike was by far the best. I hit a PR on that course, and averaged 20 Mph where my previous best was 19.2 on that course.

I hadn't been able to train for the run for the past 6-8 weeks or so due to ITB issues, so I didn't have high expectations on that part. I did it just under hour at 59 and change. Right where I planned to be given my lack of training for it.

All in all, I saw one guy on the swim pull up and freak the hell out shouting "I can't breathe" over and over. And on the bike when doing 22 MPH a guy wadded up HARD and broke his wrist. The guy in front of him decided to do a u-turn in the middle of the course. Why, I have no idea, it wasn't close to ANY turnarounds, but that made poor guy #2 lock up his brakes to avoid smashing into him and flip right over the front. He hit the road and proceeded to roll in pain and verbally berate the guy who did the u turn. Really didn't think I would see any bike carnage but wow that was pretty nuts to see.

Great day, goal met, didn't drown, so life is good
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