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Originally Posted by chasetheface123 View Post
You can build a 9" just as strong as any other axle out there for the most part. If I didnt have a 60 in the rear already, I would be doing a 60/9 combo.
That's good to hear, I originally panned on keeping everything stock ish, so if I have an issue I can still find parts where ever I am at. But same thing as the build goes I'm questioning that also.
Originally Posted by VAhasnoWAVES View Post
did you post this on NAXJA as well?9" can be built sufficiently strong.front 60 can be converted to 5 on 5.5.check out John Ds build:
Haha yes I did, after I posted it here I sort of expected 2 pages of "won ton, and done" haha and thank you for the link!
Originally Posted by knaffie View Post
Make sure you consider that the 9" has an extra low pinion, which sucks for driveshaft ground clearance and driveshaft angle.
That I did, I have a RuffStuff pinion guard on it now, and i planned on stretching it an inch or to to help with the angle.
Originally Posted by 974x4Taco View Post
It comes down to cost in my opinion.If you don't mind throwing some serious coin at the 9" and are ok with having all custom parts its a great choice.If you want cheap and beefy and the ability to find parts in any junk yard in the country then a 14 bolt is a better option.Another axle to consider is the ford 10.25.....they are similar in strength to a 14 bolt but have way better ground clearance
Price for me doesn't matter to much, obviously I'm not trying to drop $5k on a junk yard housing and still be semifloat. But since the truck has been down for a bit over a year saving for a few bling parts isn't much of a problem at this point, right now I have about $1500 into it mostly on gears and all new bolts, and stutd. The only think not new, left is the housing and 3rd member, I've yet to order shafts. I also was hoping to get a strange 3rd member down the road.The availability of the 14b is sort of why I was considering it, but I do think that's a tad overkill for 37s on a light xj but then again, I have no real world experiences with it. Hell I've never seen one in person other than on the JY haha.I haven't thought about the 10.25, but I think I read they have minimal aftermarket? Is that also referred to as the sterling? Or corporate?
Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
A shaved 14b has better ground clearance than a 60 or 9" that has not been shaved but they are heavy! Look at the TMR 15 bolt kit. The one I did for the buggy in my avatar only had a touch less ground clearance than a d44. The TMR kit will require a ring gear that has been turned down in a lathe though. If I decide to build axles for my tj I will probably build a shaved semi float hp60 for the rear and either a hp44 up front or a shaved hp60. I would run 37" tires max and try to keep it very street able. I realize the hp60 in the rear is weaker than a lp60 but I believe it would be worth the trade off to gain the driveshaft clearance and angle. I also don't see me pushing the hp60 to its limit with 37s. It also helps that I have a bent hp60 sitting behind the barn that I could retube and put 9" flanges on fairly cheap. I was in the process of building this combo for my last tj but then decided to go buggy and now I traded the buggy off to go back to a jeep so back to my old plans.
I've seen the full out shave kits for the 14b but I didn't know it helped clearance that much! I've always read that its 6hrs of cutting for about 7/8" of clearance. But that may only be the normal non ring gear turned deal. I'll go back to the searches and see what comes with shaved 14s.What about shaved fronts?Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note™
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