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Default Does running a 60 front/9" rear make sense?

So I've been planning on building a 44/9 set for my Cherokee and by planning meaning I have a set and the 9" is completely rebuilt and done, I just need to order some shafts. The 44 is just stripped down at the moment with no money into it yet other than I sandblasted and powder coated the drivers knuckle.

My plans were to basically build them as gnarly as possible to handle 37s and to keep the weight down as much as I could. But the longer these are taking to finish the more I'm starting to question the reality of that and what I want to use it for. It may be because I've been spending too much time on pirate and seeing rigs with semi float rears snapping at the flange, and 44s with blown shafts taking out lockers (in was planning on going with RCVs) and this happening on 33s and 35s. But i like to think these are the guys that just point and bounce the revlimiter in rock gardens, where as I'm the type to plan my lines very carefully and mosey my way up.

The plan for the Jeep is to be able to drive it to what ever trails I want and back, whether its out to Moab or just the Mounds. Making it OK on the road is simple (well you know kinda) but the hard part for me is the off road abuse. So far I've only wheeled it about 10 times at the Mounds within the last 6 or 7 (sheesh) and that was on stock axles (30/8.25) with an welded diff, and 31s and the only problems I've had was two alternators and a water filled diff. So I can't really get a good feel of how things would go on 37s and on trails I've never been.

Any way, so I was thinking of just selling what I got, giving up the dream of an anorexic Jeep with good diff clearance and going with 60s or 60/14b and just drag them over everything.

OR, keep the 9" in the rear and build up a 60 in the front? I've read one thread that a dude mentioned it would be a good combo since you can steer the low hanging 60f and with the higher 9" you won't have to worry about it as much?

Sorry about the long winded life story, its just been on my mind the last month, and I've exhausted my brain.
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