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Originally Posted by cornfed View Post
As of this AM, I have lost .97lb per week for the past 72 weeks. Or, 1.23lb per week for the past 42 weeks since joining a gym, food logging, and targeting lean protein intake goals. Point being is that I was able to lose some weight on my own, but the fat really came off under the guidance of a professional. During this time I added a couple pounds of lean mass. In August 2012, I had ~30% body fat and today I'm at 15.4%. My goal is to be in the 12-10% range Halloween.

Dealing with fatigue, soreness, and hunger is easy. It's the mental part that's a killer- breaking deeply rooted bad habits. This week I decided to really test my willpower and eliminate diet pop, chips, and candy from my diet. I traded those calories for real food calories. The cravings were insane the first three days. So far I'm clean, but it ain't easy. Potato chips, Doritos, and Skittles are my heroin.
I don't eat very many calories but I am never hungry. I eat a lot of vegetables (other than potatoes and corn of course) and I am usually stuffed after dinner. I grow a lot of my spices so the food usually tastes more delicious than anything you could buy at a quickie mart. :)
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