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Originally Posted by silveradoboy View Post
I go to speedway every time I fill up for the speedy rewards points. I used to just use my CC at the pump like most people and you get like 100 pts for a fillup or whatever. I then found out that if you go inside and buy a general gift card, you get 2000 speedy points for every $100.

So I normally put $300 on the gift card at one time so that is 6000 speedy points just on the card, and then you still get the 100pts for each fillup at the pump. Save the points until you can get a fuel gift card ($100 gift card = 97,000 pts)

Might as well get free fuel for just using a gift card!
I will have to try this. I wonder how the company is going to feel about all the gift card on my expense report.
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