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This house is located in Holt. I went and looked at it today. Very, very rough but I was expecting it to be considering its price.

Where the dishwasher would be mounted (if it had one) there was an obvious crack toward the outside edge where the wall met the floor. The crack was about 1/4 inch and it ran parallel to the wall.

In one of the bedrooms (3 total) there was visible mold inside the closet. In another of the bedrooms it smelled strongest of mold and at the outside edge of the house, the slab floor ramped upward in a cup-like fashion probably about 1/2 inch or more. There was carpet covering it so I couldn't see if the slab was poured weird or if the slab broke and shifted upward. It looked a little too deliberate in its upward slope to be breakage. The whole house overall smelled of mold.

It had an Arcoaire furnace that looked to be easily 20+ years old. The air ducts are in the slab.

The soffit in the front of the house was missing a section that they decided to screw plywood up and cover the hole. Maybe they had squirrel issues and used some plays out of the Kickstand guide to home squirrel remediation?

The front picture window looks like some jacknut cut a hole in the front of the house and slapped in one 2x4 on either side and fabbed himself poorly crafted custom window panes. It will need to be removed and properly framed and a new window installed.

Every door in the place was banged up. The front door especially. It didn't look like there was forced entry ever but a 5 year old on a tricycle could break it in.

Every wall looked and felt like the sheet rock needed to be removed and redone. Possibly framing problems hiding behind that drywall.

The house was very dirty but not fecal matter dirty. More like grease and oil on their hands and touched everything. Very ground in though so it's going to take Castrol Superclean and a coat of paint to hide it.

The roof line did not look wavy or sagging and the chimney was not crumbling.

The one bathroom was pretty beat up. Not as bad as some of the places I've seen but not worth salvaging.

I kept asking the guy showing the place "People lived here? Just as it sits?" and judging by the rest of the neighborhood you wouldn't guess it was like it is.
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