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Originally Posted by FORD FLARESIDE View Post
12 inches..............complete miss, on my part in the layout. I wasn't thinking about the car when it was only partially lifted on the hoist. When it is all the way up, there is no problem.
Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Mine is close to the wall also but it was necessary due to my layout. I don't find it that big of a deal because the hoist is usually all the way up (walk under the arms) or down (step over) Yes, there are times it is waist high and I have to walk around but I need the exercise. I agree, in a perfect world I would have a walkway around both sides.

RE height, you need about 11 1/2 ft.
If you guys were like me it would not matter how far away the wall was. I have plenty of room to walk around mine or I would have is I did not lean all the extra shit I have in my barn against the walls by the hoist. So now I just stumble over that instead of having to walk around the post.
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