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I wanted it in the left bay, because its the side where I have the tools and office (for checking manuals / instructions on the computer) and its by the door in general.

The right bay, and 8 ft to the right of that door, are the storage areas. In general, I plan to have 2 play vehicles: my CJ7 for basic offroading, and my CJ6 for drag/street rod use. There should be room to manuever them around in there OK. We will see.

Really, either way, there will be the exact same open space available, if I put it in either bay. The first 8 ft on the left is loft/office/bathroom/tool room, then there is 8 ft of open, 10ft door #1, 4 feet of open, 10ft door #2, then 8 ft of open. So its exactly symmetrical.
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