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Originally Posted by Haggar View Post
I have a 12ft ceilings, so I'm looking at the units that are 11'10" tall. My floor is completely flat.

I designed my barn so both bays are to the middle, and there is area on either side.

Sounds like more people prefer the symmetric style. Most of the vehicles I have are 50/50 weight distribution, so I think a symmetric, centered in the 30 ft depth will work well for me.

I don't have any nice layout photos, but here's a couple of where its going. It would be in the left bay, centered in the building.

Personal opinion here, but I'd rather have the hoist in the right hand bay. It looks like there's quite a bit more open area to the left side, I'd rather leave that open and easily accessible and not have the hoist and/or vehicle on it getting in the way of getting stuff in and out on that side. Of course it also looks like moving it to the right bay would limit access to the storage area to the right of that door, but that's a smaller area to limit the use of, hence my previous comments. Personally, I probably would've moved the righthand door further toward the right and had it as a dedicated hoist bay, leaving the rest of the shop pretty open. The biggest thing I've seen and disliked about hoists is that they basically permanently take over 1 full bay of wherever they're placed. I'd much rather have that restriction off to the side, 3-4ft(or whatever distance you deem workable) from the wall, rather than right near the middle where it's limiting the space to both sides. Leaving 1 portion completely open has lots more potential than 2 smaller open areas.
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