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Default 2006 Dodge Ram Hemi Stalling or stumbling on stops

My 2006 Dodge Megacab 1500 with a Hemi is occasionally stalling and stumbling/bogging down - No check engine light. 109K miles on the truck.

It happens intermittently when I'm coming to a complete stop and rarely when I shift from Reverse to Drive. The truck will bog down from 600 rpms to 400 or less and then just shut off. Some days it will drive fine. It always restarts immediately and runs perfectly after the stall. I noticed the problem back in February or so and did some research. One site suggested it was related to a issue with a sensor in the tranny and crack or leaky seal around the filter. The suggestion was to replace the flat filter and seal. I did a fluid change and replaced both filters at that time (flat and cooler). The problem appeared to go away for a few weeks but returned. Shortly after it returned, the tranny also slipped in drive. I checked to make sure I had enough fluid in it and it was low, but not outside of operating limits. At that point I decided to take it in to have the tranny looked at. The mechanic scanned it and it showed the slip and some irregularities with the numbers related to pumps or solenoids or something. He decided it needed a solenoid block and when inside noticed some wear on the clutches so he rebuilt the whole tranny including a rebuilt torque converter and new filters and fluid (they came in the rebuild kit). The slip went away and the tranny felt better but the stall stumble was still there. I took it back and he drove it for a few days and didn't notice the problem. He reset the computer and I went back and picked it up. The problem returned a couple days later. I ended up videotaping the tach while I was driving so he could see the fluctuation in the idle. here's a link to the video.

Don't mind the terrible commentary. i wanted him to be sure it was me so I was talking while driving. The mechanic tried again and talked to several other mechanics and no one had a clue. He gave up and refunded me all my labor charges on the tranny rebuild.

I then took it to another mechanic who felt that a throttle body clean might be a good and inexpensive place to start. The problem returned. My next step is to check the EGR valve although I am very doubtful this will be the issue as I've read numerour reports of the stall issue and the EGR not fixing it.

The only maintenance that was done tot he vehicle before the problem started was the ball joints were replaced. This led me to consider the ABS speed sensors in the bearings but I haven't changed them out yet. I'm also considering MAP, IAC, and TBS sensors.

This is getting really irritating. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. At this point I wish I could just sell the damn thing but I don't want to pass on the problem and a dealer will not give me what I need on trade....
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