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Originally Posted by RVest1 View Post
Not sure that the track bar would give you death wobble, but the rest is good to check. I am not a pro, but I am fairly certain the track bar just centers the axle and keeps it from letting your axle slide left or right too far. If it was womped out you would notice quite a bit of play in your steering I am pretty sure. Again I am not a professional mechanic, just my 2 cents
Originally Posted by RVest1 View Post
Interesting that your track bar caused the death wobble, but makes sense now that I think about it. Mine had about an inch of play from womped out bolt hole and bad bushing for about a year and I never got DW from it, just really bad steering play, which when mixed with a bad stabilizer, or any other bad steering component could easily cause the wobble.

Tires definitely.
Originally Posted by RVest1 View Post
He said the track bar was replaced though. I know a lot of the local auto parts stores sell track bars that come with tons of play from using crap bushings, maybe the track bar he got has that kinda play. The question is, what is starting the wobble. Like I said, mine was caused by bad UCAs letting the axle shift when I hit bumps or let off the gas after acceleration.
You should stop while you are still behind. The track bar is 99% of the time the first thing that is worn out enough to allow deathwobble.
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