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Originally Posted by big86inthestixx View Post
Had this issue on a buddies c6 recently, I made a bracket so that the transmission shift bracket was pointed up, instead of down..and ran the shift cable looped from the bell housing and Pointed toward the t case..instead of looping toward the t case pointed at the engine.
Ill c if I can get pictures for ya.

This ended up bringing all if the, cable and shift bracket above the trans pan and reversed from the normal installation. Gave tons more clearance for his front driveshaft to the cable, and made the cable set in plac better. Lots less tighr turns.

Confusing as hell but hope thay helps a lil.

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Have a similar setup on mine but for reasons I cant remember at the moment I wasn't able to invert the shift lever on the transmission. So I left the lever pointed down and switched the shifter body around which pushes the cable as you move from Park to 1st.

I used the tapped holes in side of the bellhousing where the factory shifter pivot/kickdown cable bracket used to be.
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