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Originally Posted by Icemanii View Post
The point was to show the good side of some fine Americans who are doing their job. It doesn't matter what they believe about the war, the politics, or the media, they are doing their best.

Too often on this site, we see the bullshit showing how bad the soldiers are. I felt it was time to show they do good things as well.

You guys have your thread for 'bashing' the troops, that's your right, and I have left it alone. You want to bash, put it there, not here. This thread is to honor our soldiers, not the war, not the political leaders, not the media. The American troops who are spending their holiday doing their jobs, and doing them wel, that who who I started this thread for.
Except that the title of the thread says that "this is wha tthe media won't tell you about the Soilders" which is why I poised the question why should they, it has nothing to do about the war and it shows a good light and we all know that the media knows that someone doing something good does not sale. Why would you expect it on the media is what I was getting at.

I agree it was a great thing to do but I also think it was foolish because it put the lives of his officers in danger and that danger came back to bite him in the ass.
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