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Originally Posted by chad5.0 View Post
I guess this thread got a little attention. The jump was crazy, a little out of control, but cool to watch. There was a group of spotters so there was no chance of anybody else getting hit. I like to jump as much or more than anybody else, but always have a spotter when i do.
Concerning the guys saying they almost got hit while hanging out on the backside of a hill, DO NOT bhang on the backside of any hill. Only bad things can happen.
Jumping is cool, I've done it, I've watched it, I've fixed rigs after going too high, and I don't have a problem with it if done correctly. Problem is, this guy runs around jumping EVERYWHERE, not just big hills with spotters. Example: I repeatedly saw him getting 3+ft of air on the high traffic 2 way "road" between the main 1 way section and the drag strip during one of the big weekends(can't remember if it was Labor Day or Memorial Day). As far as I can tell he's reckless and loves attention; 2 things that make for a very dangerous combination.

Nobody this guy almost hit said they were hanging out on the back of a hill. I know I wasn't, that's as dumb as jumping in high traffic areas.
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