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Originally Posted by RVest1 View Post
LMAO. Those disclaimers do not mean anything. If it happens on state land in a state ORV park the state is responsible. Just like if people are doing dumb stuff in your backyard and you let them and someone gets hurt then you are the one responsible and you will get sued, not the person who did it, whether or not you have them sign a disclaimer. That is why rangers go around handing out tickets to try and stop retards from being themselves. If the rangers let him act that way and someone gets hurt, the park is responsible because it's on their property.
Wow. What was your LSAT score?

If it happens on state land in a state ORV park the state is responsible.

Read up on a concept called "Govt Tort Liability" - you can't sue the state for negligence except in certain, narrow circumstances (and ORV idiocy isn't one).

Because private citizens and businesses aren't protected by Govt Tort Liability, they CAN be sued for allowing (or failing to "aggressively enough" try to prevent) stupidity on their property.

btw, I am not a practicing attorney. I have met Joumana Kayrouz, however...
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