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Originally Posted by Deuling View Post
People have done stupid shit at silver lake for years. People die/get hurt every year and it isn't closed yet. Why would something like this cause it to close?

It's just my opinion, I'm not being a smart ass or saying people can do whatever they want. I think you guys feel I'm coming off as a non respectful dbag. I myself respect the rules, I don't speed in the 25mph zones, I don't go backwards on one ways, I watch out for people and try to be courteous.

But I can't control the other people and neither can you guys. So yelling at me about my opinions isn't going to help/solve anything...
I agree that people have done stupid shit there for years. I might even have been included in that group of people. It is just back in the "old days" the pictures were not sent out over the internet for every one friend and foe to see. I would guess there were probably as many people hurt way back than as there are now. Or at least the same percentage hurt to number using the place. Remember though that even with out shutting the place down there are always new rules that can be made. Nothing over 25 MPH, no jumping of hills, and I am syure the list could go on and on. I can remember when flags were not required, traffic ran both directions, helmets in the back seat no way, let the girls with the biggest boobs stand back there and enjoy the scenery as you bounced along. Some rules are probably for the better but there are lots more that could come along.
That said I really did like the video but there is a time and a place and I just do not think SL is the place. And I suppose that if it was my truck and I was 30 years younger I would probably have to go for 190'
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