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Originally Posted by Haggar View Post
If the cone washers haven't been off in a while on the lockout and steering arm, it can be a lot longer than 10 minutes, unless you bring an air chisel, torch, pb blaster, and some luck. The 'true' Camo method requires that the axle is already set up for it, without running the snap rings on the outers.

The Toy front is about the worst case of axles for this thing, as there's no easy/clean/fast way to pull them apart and verify whats inside.

This one seems similar to a case that someone complained about a few months back on axles not having what they advertised: Buyer should have checked, so they had their chance and didn't, and Seller seems to be crooked also. Fault on both sides, and serves as a lesson for others.

For me, deals end when you leave their property, or they leave yours, unless you have a specific arrangement in place. If you are selling, any reputable seller should be willing to verify parts they are selling, by having them open, or helping you open them. If you are a buyer, you need to verify, or accept the risk.
The hub cone washers don't have to be removed...popping the dial face off gets you to the snap ring.....the steering arm cone washers are a gray area....i have seen people gete the entire knuckle assembly to slide off by only pulling the lower bearing cap which has no washers....i have never personally done it though....even if you have to pull the cone washers..a bfh and a punch and unless the thing has been at the bottom of a lake for years they will come right off in my experience.

For the record i think what the seller did is bullshit. However i also think its bullshit for the buyer to play the "its too much work to verify it card". Should he have had too? No. Should he have done it anyway if the chromo shafts were highly important too him? Yup.

My 2 cents
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