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Originally Posted by wave_crusher View Post
Is resurfacing rotors/drums a lost art?

Originally Posted by Immortal View Post
Some places still do, but you would swear they used a brick as the cutting insert to turn the rotors!
X10 Dropped some drums off at a NAPA and paid. Picked them up and the kid said all they had was a broken insert, but he cut them anyway! WTF? And he could try to clean them up better if I liked. Oh and he could not refund my money, only the mgr who was not there...

On the flip side, as a kid working in an auto store I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone brought in a metal to metal worn rotor and asked to "just clean it up a bit". We had some of the really trashed ones hanging on the wall. Like the guy who put new pads in so ignored the noise and he kept driving until the rotor wore down to the fins. (Note: it works better if you put the friction side of the pad against the rotor.)

Originally Posted by wave_crusher View Post
The sad part is i'm not even that old, 24, we used to turn rotors and drums all the time in auto. Now most people I talk to have no idea what i'm talking about when I mention it

Maybe it's not true now but I was always under the impression you don't need to replace the rotos/drums when you replace the pads/shoes, unless there was an obvious problem. I usually go about 2 changes of pads/shoes for every one change of rotors/drums, on the 96 anyway.
In the old days before the rotor eating semi-metalic pads, you could go through several sets of organic pads on the same set of rotors. Rear drums almost never needed to be replaced unless they went metal to metal.
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