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Originally Posted by wave_crusher View Post
Every time I've taken in a rotor or drum to get it resurfaced, in Alpena, I was told that they can't be turned. Never once was a micrometer pulled out and looked at, it was a simple, yet definite, no can't be done.

Am I missing something? I know that there are min specs for them to be turned on, and all the rotors that I've taken in had maybe 30k and change on them, one set had 10k; the pads cracked and broke apart. I remember back in high school that you could get rotors and drums turned for about $20 a set; I figured it would be a little more expensive now, but I didn't expect for no one to do it at all

Maybe alpena just sucks, I don't know

-end rant
It is and isn't... 1 ton and 3/4 ton rotors are turnable but a lot of people just pad slap nowadays... You can buy rotors for nearly what it costs to turn rotors for majority cars and SUVs...

One huge thing to keep in mind insurance costs for repair/machine equipment are very high due to liability in this sue happy insurance market... It doesn't justify the cost and the upkeep of the equipment...
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