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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
This horse is long since dead.....but.....

1. I never said I don't want the liar to be accountable.
2. I don't know any facts, what facts did I claim to know?
3. I could what? make up 40+ fake itraders? Highly unlikely CC would go for that.
You're right, this horse is dead. You're just trying to be an internet jackass to the OP for god knows what reason.
If you don't want the liar to be accoutable, then why be such a jackass to the OP?
You didn't claim to know any facts, just "rumor mill" about the OP. So you are right about that, you don't know any facts. At all.
The only fact I can see in all this, is that you think the OP is an idiot for "letting himself" get ripped off. Yet you admitted you've done the same......... So what does that make you?
And if you want to pretend it's always feasible to "verify" every purchase you make by tearing something down before you buy it, well you're........
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