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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
x eleventy bazillion.

Holy fukc ...

I can't believe anyone is even insinuating that its a remotely reasonable concept to partially disassemble vehicles that you haven't even bought yet to verify parts are what they say they are.

This isn't the first time this shit has come up around here. It wasn't long ago some dude bought a dana 30 that was supposed to have a locker and such and such gears and such and such axles and it had none of that shit....people on this board have proven their word isn't worth shit.

Would you buy a dirtbike or other 2 stroke with out running a compression or leak down?

Would you buy a car with out test driving it?

Would you buy an axle without verifying the gears?

Would you buy an axle that someone "says" has chromoly shafts?

Never once did I say tear apart their vehicle in the driveway, but I'll be damned if you are gonna sell me something that you say has something but not allow me to verify. That's how you end up with muddy paws.
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