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Originally Posted by AFRd_CJ5 View Post
So what you're saying, is that 6 years ago you got ripped off, and must be as much of an idiot as you're trying to make the OP out to be.
The whole thing could have been avoided if the seller didn't lie. How about you hold the right people responsible? You're saying he lied, but you don't want to rag on them as much as the buyer.
Look at your trader? Yea, I'm sure that makes you honest joe, and you couldn't have had a bunch of your internet buddies make that up.
Yeah, I had people make shit up. I doubt I know more than 10 of the people I have bought and sold things from on this website.

You're fucking retarded.

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. 6 years ago I made a mistake in purchasing something with out checking it out as thoroughly as I should. But instead of crying about it like muddy whiner is, I moved on with my life and learned a lesson.
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