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I recently discovered I got screwed on a deal. Over a year ago I bought a Jeep from a member with good itrader feedback that was said to have a LT1, Dana 60 rear, nv4500, and a 231 with a sye. I Looked at the engine, yep that's a LT1. I looked at the rear, yep that's a 60. looked at the trans and, yep nv4500 and 231. I bought it without the trans installed so I knew the risk of buying something without hearing it run. It wasn't until a few months ago I realized that I only got 75% of the items that the Jeep was said to have. After getting it running good and swapping in a front 60, I was bummed out about the lack of power. So I was looking for info on cam swaps ect when I ran across a thread talking about the L99 4.3 and how to tell the difference between the 4.3 and the 5.7L LT1. My heart sank because I forgot this small displacement V8 existed. I ran outside, looked at the back of the block, and sure enough it wasn't the 5.7L LT1 but the 4.3L.

Did I whine and make a thread about it? No

Did I try and sue someone? No

Did I even contact the seller? No

The way I look at it is you learn from your mistakes. I payed more than $1000 on my purchase. Was I pissed? Yes I was for a minute but I got over it because all I have to do is swap motors and people practically give away LT1s
If I would have found out that it wasn't a LT1 I would not have bought it.

*Seller said he got it from a buddy that owed him money, so he may have not known that it wasn't a LT1
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