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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
That's kinda the point.

Buyer: Oh, this truck has chromoly axleshafts?

Me: yup it sure does. Here's the receipt, here's the box they came in, here's some sort of legit proof

Buyer: Mind if I take a look?

Me: Sure, but before you do, let's agree to the terms of the sale and I'll write up a receipt.

Buyer: Hmmmmm guess I don't really need to pop the heads.....

Muddy whiner could have done the same. He just wants to blame the other guy for lying but doesn't want to take any responsiblity (typical american these days)

Hag-gar said it best, the deal was done the minute muddy whiner left the driveway. This thread is nothing more than muddy whiner being a whiner, and since he's a whiner I'm enjoying coming into this thread to remind him everytime I can.
This reply is idiotic. On one hand, you're blaming the buyer for not taking any "responsibility". On the other hand, you seem perfectly fine with letting the seller not have any responsibility for being dishonest about what was being sold.
Judging by your replies, is it safe to say you would do the same? Sell parts dishonestly, then tell the buyer it was their "responsibility" to check them?
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