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Originally Posted by MuddyPaws View Post
I don't wish to continue this, I got my point across but i'll respond to you because I have nothing to hide. I didn't pay 1000 MORE because he said it had the shafts, I paid for the totality of the parts that were there...or supposed to be there. The 1000 is what it costs to make it what it was supposed to be.

It doesn't matter what was paid for it. What matters is that the guy lied about it. That's all I wanted to convey here. That he is not to be trusted and to warn other people.

For the record, when I found out about it, I tried to work it out with him. I even found a used set for 300 bucks and asked him to make it right. He didn't want to make it right. A man is only as good as his word and his is no good.

swampjeep said:

And that's the truth.

To tell you the truth I didn't look at this thread. I got my point across and was done with it. I logged in to respond to a PM that I got an e-mail alert for.

The shafts were not the sole reason I bought the truck.

The seller hasn't even posted. I don't know what you mean about offering a receipt and me not wanting one and not wanting "as is" put on it. I have the title with the price and a signature.

I did ask for receipts. He didn't have them. Dad, who was older and thought was ok said they had installed them when they did the gears, like I said and he "guaranteed" it with his word which now I know means nothing. That's on me. Hopefully no one else gets burned by them.

A few minutes of verifying?

Jack it up
put it on stands
pull the tire
remove pads and calipers
remove hub
remove wheel bearings
remove the rotor
remove spindle
then pull the shaft out
put it back in
put spindle back on
put put rotor back on
set bearings
put hub back on
put caliper and pads on
put tire on
lower vehicle

That's a lot more than a couple minutes...and that's just the front. That job books at 2.4 labor hours. So is that practical? In a perfect world, sure. In the real world, not so much. Even if I was willing, would you let some guy off the street take apart your daily driver for that? What if I broke something or damaged something doing it? Just isn't very realistic.

I didn't buy it for what it DIDN'T have. I bought it for what it DID have....or what it was supposed to have. Those things it didn't have didn't matter to me. The frame had rust in the rear. I knew that. I didn't care. Even if it had a brand new frame, it was getting chopped off and bobbed. I didn't buy it for the gears so that wasn't an issue, it was getting new gears anyway. It had a limited slip front end and I knew that was coming out. It didn't have mismatched axles. It had a SAS conversion done in the front. Again, didn't buy it for what it didn't have. What else it didn't have is irrelevant. I have never said anything about the gears or anything else. My ONLY issue was the shafts that he lied about. Everything else was exactly as stated, as advertised and as seen.

If this saves another person from getting burned by these guys, then mission accomplished. Tis the power of the internet. Many people on here have been saved trouble by others listing their experiences. I just offer mine regarding this guy.

This isn't the only place I posted this and from those outlets I have learned more damaging information about Micah Braden that I have not posted. The lies about the shafts are all I was concerned about.
I am willing to spend 3 hours of my time for $1000.

I'm sure that if you pulled a jack stand, jack, impact gun and some sockets to make sure you were getting what you were getting the seller would have been real quick to stop you from tearing his truck apart in the driveway since he was lying and you would have left with his truck half apart in the driveway.

I don't expect you to tear everything you buy apart. But often the threat of verifying is enough to make a dishonest seller come clean, it's also cheaper than not buying what you thought you were.

My comment about the receipt comes from the poster claiming they offered you one but you declined.

Let's see some links to these other posts, without that you still just sound like muddywhiner being butthurt.
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