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Originally Posted by swampjeep View Post
I will agree 100% on your speculation, but I still believe if he was guaranteed they were chromo shafts, and they turned out not to be, I would be pissed too, and would like to see the person pay something back for the mis-rep of the parts truck.

as to the 4:1 comparison, I don't think it is a fair comparison, you could find out if it had a 4:1 without taking it all apart, how about a SBC with flat top pistons, would you expect to pull the heads to verify? I would not, but if I paid extra money for them, and had to tear into the motor for something and found they were not, I'd again be pissed, going to court over it woudl depend how much was at stake, and how back the person pissed me off when I talked with them about the mis-representation.
This is where I disagree. Based on my speculation, which muddy whiner won't confirm, the sole reason to choose this truck was the axle shafts and the price of the truck compared to ther similar options out there......

You don't have to tear the whole axle down to verify, did he ask for receipts? Did he ask for the stock shafts that were removed? was the $1,000 worth enough to him that a few minutes of verifying what he bought would have saved him a trip back to court to try and sue the guy? What about the seller claiming to offer a receipt and he refused? Did he not want "as is" in writing?

As for your example, it would depend, if the motor was in the car and I was satisfied with the way it ran that would be on me. If the motor was on a stand and someone was claiming some pretty expensive parts yet couldn't produce receipts or was unwilling to prove it then I would walk. Not that it would prove exactly what piston is in the motor but you can also run compression checks, leak down checks, etc. there are ways to verify what you are buying.

I also speculate that this deal felt fishy when he bought a truck with mismatched gears and axles, a cracked frame, a misfiring engine etc. He knew damn well what he was getting and buying and he thought he was getting a deal until he got hoime. He knew damn well what he might have been getting into but he still chose to buy it. Now he's just pissed he spent the money now that he has had the chance to take it home and check it out.

He didn't buy it sight unseen, he was RIGHT there in PERSON looking it over and made an offer to purchase the vehicle. Buyer be fucking ware.

If he bought it sight unseen and took someones word and it got delivered and wasn't what it was supposed to be I would have some sympathy for him, but at this point he is just crying about something he had every right and ability to double check.
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