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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
No we didnt. We still have unanswered questions from muddy whiner which he selectively refuses to answer.

I'm pretty sure muddy whiner didn't answer a couple of questions including.

Did he pay $1000 for the vehicle, or $1000 more because he thought it had chromo shafts.

Did he check to see that the shafts were chromo before he loaded the vehicle up on his trailer and took it home

Did he pay for the vehicle before he verified it had chromo shafts?

Pure speculation here, but I am speculating that he did not verify anything. He took their word (which he shouldn't have), he gave them money (without verifying), he loaded the vehicle on his trailer (because it doesn't sound road worthy), he drove home bragging to his friends how he just got a great deal on a running 4x4 toyota with chromo shafts for only $1,000, then he got home and realized he didn't get the deal he thought he got and now he's pissed.

He makes it sound like the chromo shafts were the deal maker/breaker. He makes it sound like the $1000 he spent on this vehicle was important to him.

So if the Chromo shafts and the $1000 meant that much to him, maybe he should have further verified what he was actually getting?

Maybe he could have asked for a receipt? Maybe he could have asked the owner if they minded if he pulled a shaft real quick to verify?

Again, it sounds like that was one of the most important parts to the purchase to him.

Would you buy a 231 with a 4-1 lo-range kit without running it through 2wd, 4-hi and 4-lo to verify or would you just toss it in the bed of your truck and go home?
I will agree 100% on your speculation, but I still believe if he was guaranteed they were chromo shafts, and they turned out not to be, I would be pissed too, and would like to see the person pay something back for the mis-rep of the parts truck.

as to the 4:1 comparison, I don't think it is a fair comparison, you could find out if it had a 4:1 without taking it all apart, how about a SBC with flat top pistons, would you expect to pull the heads to verify? I would not, but if I paid extra money for them, and had to tear into the motor for something and found they were not, I'd again be pissed, going to court over it woudl depend how much was at stake, and how back the person pissed me off when I talked with them about the mis-representation.
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