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Originally Posted by dawnlee29 View Post
Wow !!! I know the Bradens and this is totally out of character !! Dead wrong about him.
Didnt you just loose a court case with them at the 86th district courthouse???

Also would like to add that posting a picture of his fathers home is a lawsuit in itself !! From what I understand you are repeatedly harrasing him via text as well as this websght !! Thats just borderline nuts dude .

I happen to know for a fact that you found the truck on craigs list and you haggeled with Micah for weeks on money and trading power tools or equipment,
and that the rear end was blown out of the truck at that time .

Micah took that REAR END out of a 1985Toyota and placed it in the 4 runners axle housing. Stock Gears and axles out of a stock truck . You agreed to this and took the truck with 529 geers in the front end and stock Toyota pick up gears in the rear . And now your trying to sue him for axle shafts when all you did was find his number on craigs list.
Originally Posted by jp-65 View Post
Sir I have had enough . you no what you bought . You where shone old housing from a 85 that everything was taken from , this truck had six years on it before transfer total costom truck axle change oh what efi to what . cracked frame shone to you . miss in engine you also pointed out . miss matched gears cause you new the rear end had been blown ' it had 529 in front and stock 85 in rear . only thing craigslist had to do with this is a phone# this truck was a beet wheeler and you wanted it . stating and laughing you are a teacher in the sue and your students had a new project . whos the liar.? now although my son doesnt live here people want to shit in my lawn . witch all has been copied. and people where hangouts are if you are a teacher would you insight your students to cause harm? sir you wouldnt except reciept is this why

you are something else my lights r on to night

I think both of you need to take the proceeds from the vehicle sale and buy a copy of Hooked on Phonics.

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