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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Good for them...

But I kinda feel bad for thier child. Not so much because of not having a father but because everything it ever does, good or bad, will be watched and used by one side or the other to further thier agenda.

I kinda agree with ya. While i feel for the family, I don't think they'll have half the problems the country wants them to have. I mean try explaining to a VP of AOL why her partner can't sign the kid out of or for that matter the VP's daughter (its the same person I know). Neither one of them are going to worry about paying for health care because their well off, nor is good old Dicky going to look down upon them. They've been together for 15 years, I think he knows and has come to grips with it.

The funniest thing I've seen lately is people calling this an abomination because she is bringing this child into the world without a father. The kid has a dad, he's #4455893. They're just pissed off that she's supposedly undoing all of her parent's work by having it. Which they obviously care about because they announced the upcoming birth rather than keeping it under wraps. You think that something that detremental to their cause they wouldn't want out in the spotlight like it is.

Someone explain this to me. If it takes a "mother" and a "father" to raise a child how come single mothers and widows aren't looked down upon in todays society?
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