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Originally Posted by swampjeep View Post
What happened to being able to take a person's word, especially if the person's parent is standing there backing up the claims,

I would not take tools to take apart an axle, or anything else close to that, just to verify there were custom/after market parts. I have been taken by people this way. No I didn't take them to court, but you know what, I wanted to, and would have if I could have. The more people get away with mis-representation, the more they do it.
I think you should be able to take someone's word.

But, you used to sell stuff to someone local who drove by it and wanted it. Now you have people on the internet coming to buy your shit that you'll never see again, so you embellish a little bit.

If ever there was a time that a buyer should beware its now.

I guess I just figure every asshole selling something has hidden something, jerry rigged something, made something look better than it is. I guess I just either spend the time to double check, or expect I was lied to and offer what I am willing to pay for what I think it really is vs what the seller claims it to be.
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