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Originally Posted by MuddyPaws View Post
You must be friends with this pos.

Actually yes, we went to court. But I did not loose. The case was dismissed. There is a difference. There was no judgement. If there had been a judgement then that would be the end of the deal. No other court, no appeal, just done. I can still take this to another court since there was no judgment for the defentant or the plaintiff. The judge said this was not the court for this case. He told the pos that he misrepresented the items and did so intentionally. On the way out of court he told me that civil court is the proper place because in small claims you can't sue for misrepresentation and damages, where in civil court you can.

And who cares if it went to court and even if I did loose? Fact still remains that this pos and his father lied about it and lied to the judge in court about it. Bad sellers are bad sellers and should be called out. It;s what itrader is for, it's what ebay feedback is for. This is another outlet to let people know.
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