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Originally Posted by trailrail302 View Post
hey, watch your mouth!

Dont get me wrong, I think Detroit is a shit hole, however, If Detroit gets the X-games I would be going downtown to watch it. I dont know why you guys (mainly Hancho and one of the tomato brothers) are so bent about this. its a possitive thing for Detroit so by you saying Detroit will never change until the citizens change.... well, you not giving a shit about something possitive coming to the city makes you buttholes just as bad as the gimmie, gimmie's downtown! It goes two fold, the city wont change until the people around it give a shit either!!!....I am all for any possitive changes and or events for Detroit.
I'm not bent about anything. I just sit back and laugh when people talk about saving this "great city"...... positive events are great, but I haven't seen any positive change my entire life with that wasteland.

Hancho is dead right with that shithole.

The population of that city has dropped by nearly 500,000 people. Why? Certainly the riff raff and douchebags didn't all move out to make it a wonderful fact, most of the people who moved out now lead succesful, safe, sane, normal lives elsewhere, yet the animals who stayed still act like animals and support corrupt governments, city councils, business owners, street thugs, etc.

You can not change what does not want to be changed, and you can not save what is unwilling to be saved.

You want a better detroit? Fence it in, push it into the river and start over. Start over with people, start over with humans, start over with non corrupt police forces, non corrupt governments, and citizens that will not stand for the corrupt leaders of their city. Start over with citizens WILLING to work, start over with a bulldozer. Until then you will see no change.

At your retirement party 20 years from now I hope to share a beer with you and discuss all of the wonderful things that have happened in detroit and how awesome it is to visit and how cool it is that our kids have successful careers in the motor city.

But I think we both know thats not gonna happen.
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