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Originally Posted by trailrail302 View Post
hey, watch your mouth!

Dont get me wrong, I think Detroit is a shit hole, however, If Detroit gets the X-games I would be going downtown to watch it. I dont know why you guys (mainly Hancho and one of the tomato brothers) are so bent about this. its a possitive thing for Detroit so by you saying Detroit will never change until the citizens change.... well, you not giving a shit about something possitive coming to the city makes you buttholes just as bad as the gimmie, gimmie's downtown! It goes two fold, the city wont change until the people around it give a shit either!!!....I am all for any possitive changes and or events for Detroit.
You assume I want Detroit to change, what I want but will never happen is Detroit to go away. The layout of the city is terrible, it makes it impossible to revitalize the area. There is no area that you could develop to a point where it would attract people from around the world to come visit. I use Chicago as an example because in the downtown and surround areas they have areas set up in such a way that people want to go. Shopping, bars, food, parks, ect. Detroit with the way it set up cannot. At some point you have to cut your loses and admit failure. Facts suggest Detroit can never make a turn around. I heard Detroit was making a come back when we moved out of that city 30yrs ago and I still hear the same shit today. Guess what after billions of dollars in investments, social programs and grants Detroit has not made a single step forward, in fact it has gotten worst. People talk about the great architecture downtown. I say bullshit, take a good look at those buildings, they suck by architecture standards and they are is such of state of disrepair that it would be cheaper to tear them down than fix them up. You want proof of that, pick up any book on great buildings and architecture and you won't find one building from deshithole. You want Detroit to get better, admit defeat and leave it in the past. It is a blackhole that swallows our hard earned tax dollars. It's time to plug that hole.
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