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Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
The reason I asked about how many high end top of the line bikes you have actually had experience with is not to say ha ha I'm better, it was to see if you had any real world experience with them or if you just go by what you read on the Internet. I did a little Internet research and found out that you are 100% right. The last decade has had more improvements in bicycle technology than any decade prior to this one. In y2k we were still riding junk elastomer shocks just like you said. i now realize that you have had the opportunity to ride and work on miltiple top end bikes built in every generation and have seen first hand for yourself how much better they have gotten. You are right and I am wrong, ill go back licking the windows of the short bus.

Well, that only took 30 posts

At least it kept me occupied during a really shitty day at work today
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