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Kickstand, where did I say "bikes have not improved at all in the last 10 years"? Small changes for sure, big changes not so much.

So since you never answered my question about riding truly high end bikes I'm guessing you never have. The article you quoted about the mavic ksyriums said they made "small changes but have not been completely redesigned since they have came out and still remain one of the top wheels". What does that tell you?? What it tells me is that the top wheels in the late 90s early 2000s are the same as they were before except for SMALL CHANGES like milling a little material on the side of the rim, a rear hub that has more even tension on the spokes and a couple other trivial things. I bet they are maybe 100 grams lighter at the most and they may hold true just a pinch better but not much. 10 years later and they are basically the same. Huh, who woulda thought....
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