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Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
How long have you rode competitively? What high end road and mountain bikes have owned or at least put 50 miles on? By high end I mean bikes that come with a price tag over $4,000.
The answers to your questions do not change the fact that every component on a bike has seen some sort of improvement over the last 10 years and side by side todays bike is nicer than the bike of 10 years ago.

Paying more for a bike does not make it "high end" putting a well thought out build together with the components that you want, that meet your needs, that work well together will make a better bike every single time.

It has been over 5 years since i have bought a complete (except for my dirt jumper, kids bikes and my fiance's XC bike) every other bike in my garage was bought as a frame and I put the parts on it that I wanted.

My road bike is a 1970 something Schwinn supersport. It's still sitting in my parents garage in the unridden since the 70's state that my dad gave it to me in.

You can argue all you want, but each year the manufacturers come out with new product, product they have improved upon from the "last" generation. Be it frame design, frame aerodynamics, materials used, etc.

To go back to it, you posted a wheelset from 2003. You paid $1000 for a similar wheelset at some time. Would you pay $1000 for the 2003 wheelset that had never been used or would you pay $1000 for a 2013?

Since its release in 2000, the Ksyrium SL has been an evolutionary process without a single total rework of the initial design. Subtle improvements are made every year or two as new materials and technology are developed. The first change showed up when Mavic milled out the alloy between spokes to reduce weight and in 2008, a slightly lower profile front rim and oversized carbon front hub body trickled down from the then lighter 2007 Ksyrium ES. The Ksyrium SL has also received an asymmetrical (off-center) rear rim to even out spoke tension. Today, the Ksyrium remains one of the most popular wheels on the market and the design has spawned a slew imitators.

The Ksyrium SL includes a pair of Mavicís well thought out light release skewers (we canít believe that there is not an acronym for these yet!) and you also have the option of being covered by Mavicís MP3 extended warranty plan that doubles the standard warranty to two years and covers the rider against almost any and all normal ride based repairs in that time
So as you can see, the rims you posted from 2003 have had subtle improvements made to them over the last 10 years, you know, like I stated to you 100 times so far in this thread.

Things improve.

So, were the 2003 wheels a good price at $2-300? Sure, but depending on how many miles were on them, how hard they were ridden, how well they were maintained etc. My comment that they should be a good deal because they are 10 years old, still holds true.

Are you done yet?
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