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Originally Posted by montecarlo33 View Post

Buying a fixer upper home with property with no other homes built around it for a ways and getting it for a good deal.

Pulling up the carpet and finding awesome old wood flooring, and figuring out that some of the problems you were sweating, really turned out to be not that big of deal.

The guy I got painting my jeep is finally done.


A few days back , walking your awesome new property you find a tent, shitty old camper, and a bunch of trash / scrap metal with people apparently living in these shitty things with no power or running water. They start on a neighboring lot, and go about 500' or more into your property and they are hiding all their shit behind the trees on your property so they are not saw from the road. However after meeting them and having a "nice" talk, while the whole time you are trying to figure these people out and what they are doing there, but they agree to move the shit off your land within a week but I will need surveyed to be sure exactly where my property line is.

You talk to the land owner and find out they are 100% squatters and hes working to fix the problem but hasn't yet and had no clue they were there until I contacted him.

when I get my jeep back the paint will be fresh so I cant wheel it for like 3-4 weeks after I pick it up, been without it for 2 months now.
Good plan on getting a survey. When we had our place surveyed, we found that the seller had mismarked the property line by about 65-70 ft on both side lots. Turns out we were driving on the neighbor's property.
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