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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
I recently found out that I work with a douche that thinks its cool to just randomly smoke out people driving convertibles. He owns a Powerstroke.
I was once leaving work in Clarkston, cruising down Sashabaw just south of I-75, and there was a 30something camel jockey in a newer Mercedes driving like a complete dickhead(tough to believe, right?), swerving in and out of traffic, cutting 5 people off to get 2 spots ahead, etc. He had all windows down and the sunroof open. I saw him coming up and timed the traffic spacing just right so when he got next to my quarter panel I pinned it and FILLED his car with soot and smoke. I have absolutely no remorse about doing so and still laugh to this day. A normal car and driver, on the other hand, I actively tried NOT to smoke them out, especially convertibles or motorcycles.
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