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Originally Posted by barry1me View Post
Thanks for giving me the rundown. I knew this was seemed shady from the beginning once Clinton couldnt testify as she had passed out earlier in the day...I hope justice is served on this. My guess is the libs will downplay this and turn it around on the GOP.
That's all they did during the hearing yesterday. Republicans questioned the witnesses as to what exactly happened before, during and after.

Democrats tried to cast doubt on their credibility and blame Republicans for everything that happened.

We're used to seeing outrageous and despicable displays from all politicians but the behavior of the Democrats yesterday in that hearing set a new standard for appalling.

They even disclosed that the State Department higher ups sent emails out and made phone calls to people explaining not to worry about being held accountable for anything if they were above xxx level in the Department.

I honestly believe Hillary is gonna get her world rocked by the end of this but of course Obama is just gonna walk away like he always does.

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