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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
ummmm.....maybe road bikes, and maybe certain parts of bikes haven't made any major upgrades, but rear hubs have gotten better. Case in point mavic has made 2 or 3 legitamate updates to their rear hubs for MTB purposes just in the last few years.....or at least their marketing group would lead you to believe that.
What is better about them? I got a Gary fisher 29er a couple years ago that was pretty top of the line and I wouldn't say it was any better than the late 90s voodoo bizango that I used to ride. In the late 90s early 2000s is when I feel bikes hit a plateau. For road bikes they limit you to 15# and you must have a double diamond frame to race. That made companies not attempt to make lighter components and frames. Directional carbon fiber was basically perfected in that era so you can have a Plush ride and have it be stiff side to side. Suspension geometry on mtb's hasn't gotten any better. Suspension lockouts were also just as good then as they are now. Disk brakes were also just as good then as now. They tried adding mores gears but all that did is make it so you have to have a more narrow finicky chain. There is no new materials that make anything lighter or stronger.

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