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Originally Posted by Skooter_Built View Post
THERE IS A GOD!!!!!!!!

I hate hearing that anyone will loose their jobs but Ive said this many times, Drew and Mike needed to go just like how the WRIF let go Arther P. a few years back. They are old and out dated just like the WRIF's music selection. For the only rock station in the metro area, they sound more like a classic rock station. WEEEE! more Zeplin and Beatles talk!!!

The WRIF's music selection was relevant 20 years ago. It doesn't seem like they have really changed with the times. While station surfing I'll stop at the WRIF and 7/10 its something we all would consider classic rock, 2/10 its a song from the 90's, and 1/10 its something new.

That whole station needs a make over. Maybe that is what they are going for.
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