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<zips up fire suit, jumps into bunker, opens little sliding door and...>

Funerals aren't for the person who's died. What do they care? They're dead.

Granted, Berrying him in Arlington seems wrong and this chick is crazy to propose something like this.

I read on the news that some guy is offering his plot in his family's grave plot for the bomber. His reason being, "My mom, who he would be berried next too, wouldn't mind because she always taught us to love our enemies". When told that his mom's grave would probably be vandleized his response was "that's ok, she wasn't much for material things anyways". :win:

Personally, I think this thread proves that we can't let a bad thing just die. If they didn't make such a huge deal about where this piece of tissue and bone got put back into the ground we wouldn't be continuing on the bomber's orginial intent, to bring glory to him self and his cause. Not only did he kill and injure a bunch of people but he's being resurrected daily by the media because of stupid things like this. Find a field, dig a hole, put the body in. Don't mark it, Just let him die.
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