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Originally Posted by Haggar View Post

We all had a lot of fun wheeling with 36s, 38s, even 44s on Dana 44s with V8s 15-20 years ago. Today they tell you that you'll blow it up in the parking lot.

For 33s, there's no issue at all, IMO. Especially if you want 3.73s, since its easy to just grab a whole spare axle.
Exactly, especially if it's open.

An even better detail that most people don't notice, is that the newer stock D30 shafts are actually stronger than the older stock D44 shafts. They share the same joints and yoke/ears, which is where they break most often. On the inner shafts the D30 has a fairly constant diameter all the way in, where every stock older D44 front shaft I've seen has a large neckdown just outboard of the splines. The diameter at the neckdown is smaller than that of the D30 shafts. So they share the same common weak point, and if that holds up the next spot to break is actually stronger on the D30. The D44 obviously has stronger gears, balljoints, and rebuildable hubs, but those areas likely won't be enough of a problem for you to justify the upgrade. Put aftermarket shafts in both and the D44 will be superior, but I really don't see D44 upgrades being a worthwhile improvement over the stock D30.

And as for the 231c, the 6 gear planetary is the same used in the 241 if I remember right, and most SYE kits have a much beefier output shaft. You'll be fine.
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